Read-only mode for Confluence Data Center

Keep users working while you perform a range of maintenance related activities.

Greater flexibility to schedule downtime

Say goodbye to late night and weekend maintenance windows. Confluence Data Center supports your entire organization with the assurance that your team's work will always be available.

With read-only mode, you’ll have greater flexibility to schedule downtime. When Confluence Data Center is in read-only mode, users will be able to view, search and navigate pages, blogs, and attachments, but they won’t be able to edit them. Administration actions, such as managing apps or changing site configuration, are not restricted.

As an admin, you’ll be able to see which user-installed apps have been marked as compatible with read-only mode. If an app is not compatible with read-only mode, you may want to temporarily disable it to prevent users from creating or modifying content. You can also use a customizable banner message with read-only mode, or for other important updates, to keep users informed.

Use cases for read-only mode include:

Upgrades and maintenance

Consolidating multiple instances

Migrating to a new platform