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Safeguard your next breakthrough

Enhance  your security posture with Atlassian Guard.

Illustration of a hand typing on a lock

Meet Atlassian Guard Premium

Defend your priority projects with our most advanced security capabilities and stop threats before they become incidents.

Illustration of a hand typing on a lock
Illustration of a hand typing on a lock

Don’t get caught off guard

Enlist Atlassian Guard to mitigate risks and protect your most valuable assets.

Double down on data protection

Enforce security policies to proactively defend against data loss across Atlassian cloud. 

Understanding zero trust security whitepaper cover image

Why zero trust?

Learn why zero trust matters and how you can implement it.

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Getting started with Atlassian Guard

Read our guide to set up authentication policies and preventative controls.

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Taking a zero trust approach to IAM

Explore identity and access management (IAM) best practices in Atlassian cloud.

Stay alert, not alarmed

Understand your risk landscape and inform your security team with contextual alerts.

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Explore Atlassian Guard capabilities

See the features that help you detect potential risks early.

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Getting started with Atlassian Guard

Read our step-by-step guide to enhance visibility and detect risks.

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Understand Atlassian Guard detection events

Learn about the types of detections in Atlassian cloud.

Mitigate risk, neutralize threats

Review activity, investigate suspicious events, and quickly take remediation steps. 

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Explore Atlassian Guard capabilities

See how the Premium plan helps you respond to threats quickly.

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See Atlassian Guard Premium in action

Watch a demo of our threat response capabilities and features.

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Safeguard critical work with Atlassian Guard

Get up to speed on what Atlassian Guard Premium offers.

Over 70% of our enterprise cloud customers use Atlassian Guard

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Strengthen your security portfolio

Integrate Atlassian Guard with your existing solutions to extend security policies and enhance alerts with detailed Atlassian cloud data.

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Microsoft, Splunk, Okta, Google and Zscaler logos

Get started with Atlassian Guard

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Enhance data security & governance for your Atlassian Cloud products with Atlassian Access

Atlassian Access empowers organizations of any size to add enterprise-grade identity and access management (IAM) features to their central admin console.

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"Atlassian Access made the login process with Okta and SSO a lot simpler than what we had before. It has made our user deprovisioning a lot more effective as well."

Josh Costella Senior Atlassian Solutions Specialist, Nextiva

How it works

Atlassian Access is an organization-wide subscription that connects your Atlassian cloud products to your identity provider. 

It allows you to enable enterprise-grade authentication features, and additional oversight, across your company domains.

Connect any identity provider
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Azure AD

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Preferred IDP

Connect any identity provider with our custom APIs

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Organization-wide identity and access management features

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Organization-wide identity and access management features

Atlassian Cloud Products
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Key benefits

Protect your data with authentication controls

In the age of remote work and cybersecurity risks, businesses of all sizes are under pressure to protect company data and carefully manage access.

With Atlassian Access, admins can customize multiple authentication policies — saving time while eliminating error-prone manual processes that pose a security risk.

Connect to your SAML SSO provider
Automate user provisioning (SCIM)
Enforce two-step verification
Revoke unauthorized API tokens

Empower your business with organizational oversight

Atlassian cloud products include a central admin console to manage settings and billing.

When you add Atlassian Access, you gain centralized oversight. Monitoring usage helps detect suspicious behavior, manage shadow IT, and streamline product usage.

Review organization-wide audit logs
Gain organization-wide insights
Maintain visibility with automatic product discovery

Prioritizing security & compliance

Atlassian Access is part of an overall commitment to trust, security and compliance. See how the features of Atlassian Access work hand in hand with our larger trust and security promise.

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Leading companies leverage Atlassian Access for better governance in the cloud

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"Atlassian Access, coupled with Okta, has saved us so much onboarding and offboarding time. 

We never have to worry about access, the right groups syncing, or anything else. People just have access to Jira and Confluence on day one, and it works!"

Eric Raymond
Senior Manager of Business Technology
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Additional value

Atlassian + okta

Atlassian Access + Okta

If you don’t have a cloud identity provider, Atlassian Access includes a free Okta account for Atlassian cloud products. 

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Premium support

Atlassian Access entitles you to the same 24/7 customer support as our Premium plans — even if your products are on Cloud Standard.

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Priced per user

You only pay once per managed user, regardless of how many Atlassian products each person has access to.

Set up your trial

Admins of Atlassian cloud products can start a free 30-day trial. Read our setup guide to make sure you’re ready to get started.