MVP ideation template

by Atlassian

Work through the MVP idea with this framework.

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MVP ideation

Working on a minimum viable product (MVP) requires team collaboration and deep ideation to validate its functionality. This key first step allows teams to work though any problems or issues early in the process to move forward fast and inexpensively, or pivot as needed.

How to use the mvp ideation template

Step 1. Determine the problem to solve

Every ideation process starts with the challenge the product is attempting to solve. Your MVP must explicitly remedy this problem and address a need in the market. Create a clear value proposition from this information.

Step 2. Describe the competitive landscape.

Now that you understand the problem, the value of the MVP, and the market is will serve, you should focus on competitors who are also trying to address the market need. Come up with the pros and cons of each possible competitive product to gain visibility into what your MVP can do better.

Step 2. Describe the competitive landscape.

Step 3. Test the MVP for validity

Time to test the effectiveness of the product idea. Be sure to add deadlines to the testing process for quick launch scenarios.

Step 4. Create launch deadlines

If the MVP passes testing, it's time to focus on launching the MVP. The phases include research, build, test, fix, and launch. Good luck!

Step 4. Create launch deadlines

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