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Atlassian’s platform connects software, IT, and business teams

Break down information silos with cross-product experiences and flexible integrations — on a secure and reliable cloud platform.

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Atlassian’s platform is the foundation of our cloud solutions:

  • Ship and operate high-quality software with Open DevOps.
  • Discover new innovations from Atlassian with Point A.
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Cross-product experiences

Enable modern and connected experiences across teams, tools, workflows, and data.

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Facilitate teamwork

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Streamline workflows

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Make data-driven decisions

Atlassian AI

Atlassian Intelligence

Team up with the power of AI

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Give your teams the freedom to add, integrate, customize, or build new functionality on the Atlassian platform as needed.

Discover new apps on the Atlassian Marketplace or develop your own using Forge, our serverless app development platform.

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Enterprise-grade trust

Ensure your data is secure, compliant, private, and available with centralized admin visibility and control.

Agile & devops
Work management
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Trusted cloud

Security & compliance | Data privacy | Administration & governance | Performance & reliability | Scale

Over 200,000 companies rely on Atlassian’s platform

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