4Ls retrospective template

by Atlassian

Discuss what you loved, longed for, loathed, and learned in this team retrospective template

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4Ls retrospective template

While standard retrospectives focus on specific project details, the 4Ls Retrospective Play gives your team space to think about long-term goals and discuss team milestones that recently occurred. Created by Atlassian Team Playbook coaches, the 4Ls Retrospective Play is a team exercise that helps the group reflect on past work and discover opportunities to improve. Use the 4Ls retrospective template to run this Play.

How to use the 4Ls retrospective template

Step 1. Set retrospective goals

Set the stage for your team before you meet. Use the template to @ mention attendees and decide what time period you’d like to look back on. As you decide the retrospective period you’ll be reviewing, communicate your goals for the meeting and the decisions you hope the team makes.

Step 2. Reflect on past work

Now that your team understands the goals of the retrospective, use the template to dive into the details. Start by identifying the key moments that occurred during the retrospective period. Anchoring the team in key milestones jogs the team’s memory of events that occurred and how they felt about them. Then use the template to think about what you experienced and learned from your work during that period.

Step 2. Reflect on past work

Step 3. Create a retrospective action plan

As your team discusses what they loved, longed for, loathed, and learned, record action items that come up. Once you’ve finished the discussion, decide which action items to prioritize. Use the template to @ mention action item owners and update the page as your team makes progress on any follow-up work that’s needed.

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