Elevate company-wide performance with Atlassian HR tools

Boost productivity, coordination, and engagement across your organization by using Atlassian solutions for HR and People teams.


Harness the Power of Atlassian for HR

Discover practical solutions to help your HR team work smarter and streamline hiring, onboarding, and all your People workflows.

Graphic of Talent Acquisition products: Confluence and Jira Core with Onboarding products: Trello and Jira Core
Talent acquisition circle with Confluence and Jira Core
Onboarding circle with Trello and Jira Core
Experience circle with Trello, Confluence, Halp and Jira Core

Talent Acquisition

Jira Work Management Confluence

Make it easier to hire the right talent

Every new hire’s HR experience starts well before their first day. When your work flows smoothly, so does the hiring process – from capacity conversations to start date. Use Confluence to keep it all organize and automate repetitive tasks.

Hiring process confluence template
Hiring process confluence template

Build job descriptions with ease

Teams are clamoring for help! But, before you can post a job and start sourcing candidates, you need to align on the role, expectations, and selling points to land on the perfect fit. Confluence has job description templates to get recruiters and hiring managers aligned.

Role specifics confluence template
Role specifics confluence template

Manage every hiring step without a slip

You have a million moving parts to fill job openings. Candidate tracking with Jira Work Management gives you automations to move your potential hires through the funnel and stay up to date with each one as you juggle multiple roles and applicants.

Jira Core board with Interview lane
Jira Core board with Interview lane

Hold interviews that land the best talent

Job interviews are one of the most exciting and stressful experiences for candidates. Help every applicant have a great experience by managing and preparing for interviews in Jira Work Management.

Design role Jira Core ticket
Design role Jira Core ticket


Jira Work Management Trello

Bring sanity to onboarding

Deliver a well-orchestrated welcome that’s easy for your team to manage from anyplace on earth using Jira Work Management and automations.

Employee Jira Core ticket
Employee Jira Core ticket

Empower new employees with curated plans

Add a 90-day plan with Trello to give new hires a strong head start (and make a great first impression!)

Trello 90 day plan board
Trello 90 day plan board

Employee Engagement

Confluence Trello

Keep people connected and clued in

Easily organize and publish vital information in Confluence – creating a single source of truth that’s always up to date about benefits, the corporate policy on remote reimbursements, or bringing dogs to work (unless you're more of a cat company).

Welcome to the team confluence page
Welcome to the team confluence page

Engage employees with interactive boards

Get teams to gel and create a compelling company culture with social committee boards, ongoing events, interactive meetings and more Trello solutions that work well in one office or across hundreds of locations worldwide.

Staff engagement trello board
Staff engagement trello board

HR Requests


Process incoming asks in an instant

Already using Slack or Microsoft Teams? Quickly answer policy questions and more with Halp, a ticketing help desk built to manage requests right in your chats and channels. Respond to questions and poof! – the request is in. Now that’s service that makes people happy.

Halp ticket
Halp ticket

Bring sanity to onboarding

Employee relationships start even before they're hired. Jira Core enables HR teams to manage a candidate pipeline and move people from 'resume received' to 'employed' with ease.

Publish your policies

Easily create, publish and organize information that employees need like benefits, CEO updates, and the corporate policy on bringing dogs to work (unless you're more of a cat company). No coding skills required.

"We are using Confluence and JIRA to build an agile Marketing team" —Ilya Chorny

illumina logo
Halp screenshot

Manage, track and automate requests

Receiving a flurry of request in Slack or MS Teams with no real way to capture or report on your work load? By adding Halp to your conversational work platform you capture requests where they start, track their progress, and report on work management data. Halp is a help desk ticketing system that reduces context flipping, increase productivity, and make for happier employees.

Small meeples on a desk
Small meeples on a desk

Atlassian HR Resources

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Elevate company-wide performance with Atlassian HR tools