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Jira automation template library

Focus on what’s important. Let automation do the rest. Hundreds of Jira automation templates so you never need to start from scratch.

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What is Jira automation?

Automate any task or process in just a few clicks. Available to all Jira Cloud customers, just pick and choose templates to save time, stay focused, and connect your tools.

Icons showing the IF THIS THEN THAT nature of Jira automation

Popular categories

A globe icon showing most popular Jira automations

Most popular automations

Slack and Microsoft Teams logos

Jira + Slack / MS Teams

Bitbucket, GitHub and Gitlab logos

Jira + Bitbucket, GitHub or GitLab

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Jira automation for software teams

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Jira automation for business

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Jira Service Management automations

Popular templates

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Automatically publish a post-incident review (PIR) in a linked Confluence space New

This rule will automatically create a Confluence page for PIR or post-mortem when an incident is created.

Jira logo and person icon showing how to auto assign issues
Assign Issues

Auto-assign issues

When an issue is raised without an assignee, auto-assign to whoever created it

Jira logo and sync icon showing how to sync work
Sync Issues

Sync work

When an epic is marked as ‘done’ move all of its stories to ‘done’ also.

Jira and Slack logos

Daily Slack summary

Send a daily Slack message with a list of issues still open in the Sprint

Jira logo and pen icon showing how to auto sum up story points

Sum up story points

When a new sub-task is created, sum up its story points to the parent

Jira, Bitbucket, GitHub and Gitlab logos

Connect Jira & Bitbucket, GitHub or GitLab

When a PR is merged in Bitbucket/GitHub/GitLab, then transition the issue in Jira

The Automation Playground

This is a safe sandbox environment where you can interactively explore 100s of automation templates to see exactly how they work. Filter for relevant rules using the labels on the left or via the search bar.

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Connect your tools

Automation works great across Jira but it works even better when used across the products you use.

Logos of third party tools like Slack and Github showing how automation connects tools.

Other resources

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Learn more

Learn more about how best to get started with automation in our starter guide.

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Join the community

Ask questions and join other automators in the Jira automation community space

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Go Premium

Start a free Jira Premium trial for increased automation limits, advanced planning, and more.