Jira automation templates for business and non-tech teams

It is not just software teams that use Jira. In fact, 9 out of 10 people who use Jira automation are not developers.

Below are a few of the common use cases we have seen business teams (including Project Managers, HR, legal and marketing teams) use. All can be completely customized to your own needs.

Jira and deleting issues

Delete attachments from old Jira issues

Using a scheduled trigger, seek out old Jira issues and delete their attachments. Perfect for those with a passion for compliance & GDPR. 

Jira and on-boarding / off-boarding teams

Onboard / off-board employees

This is a rule commonly used by HR teams to automate the process of new hires or making sure you tick all the boxes when an employee is leaving.

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Edit security level when a confidential issue is created

Whenever a confidential issue is created, then edit the security level and comment on the issue. Legal teams, in particular, use this rule.

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Automate the webinar process

Whenever a ‘webinar’ issue is created by marketing, automatically create a design ticket with specs and a landing page ticket. Then link them altogether.

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Add ‘approver' and send Slack when design ticket is ready

Just like developers, good designers like to stay in focus mode. This rule automates the approval process and updates the team so the designer doesn’t need to.

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Email reporter when expense claims have no attachments

This rule is a good example of how a finance team can automate the checking of expense claims. Any issues that are in a certain status but have no attachments? Email the owner to remind them.

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