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Online whiteboard features and uses

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Online whiteboards are a modern take on the classic boardroom whiteboard. They offer a dynamic, virtual space where users can jot down ideas, sketch, and collaborate from anywhere. This is key for fostering immediate, visual interaction and maintaining a flow of ideas. 

This guide will cover the features and benefits of online marker boards, including their expansive canvas, sticky notes, and media integration, and how they’re revolutionizing team dynamics and productivity.

What is an online whiteboard?

An online whiteboard replicates the traditional whiteboard but with digital enhancements. By moving the whiteboard online, individuals or teams can jot down ideas, brainstorm, plan projects, and more – in real-time, irrespective of their physical locations.

What are digital whiteboards used for?

Digital whiteboards are perfect for sparking creativity, enriching workshops and training, and providing space for flowcharts and diagrams. Learning how to make a flowchart with an online whiteboard is easy and intuitive. 

Online whiteboards are also indispensable for project management phases. They provide a dynamic platform for detailed project planning. Teams can chart out a comprehensive project timeline right on the board, enabling them to outline tasks and responsibilities from the start. 

During the project design phase, online whiteboards serve as collaboration tools for sketching designs, creating prototypes, and brainstorming innovative solutions. Teams can map out project needs and visualize project components. Whiteboards also help with resource planning.

As the project life cycle progresses, whiteboards can shift into valuable tools for progress monitoring and diagramming solutions to emerging issues, which helps keep projects on track and within scope.

Common online whiteboard features

Your online whiteboard should have the right features to help enhance your team's collaboration, performance, and productivity. One obvious feature is the ability to access the latest version of your whiteboard anytime, anywhere. 

Modern engineering teams are often geographically distributed across several time zones and require round-the-clock accessibility through the web or via mobile devices for optimal productivity. The best whiteboards also leverage multiple cloud deployment models to minimize management and infrastructure overhead and ensure optimal flexibility and scalability for users. Without further ado, let's take a look at other common features of online whiteboards.


Team members can create and post virtual sticky notes conveniently and spontaneously on whiteboards. These help capture quick thoughts, ideas, or tasks during brainstorming sessions.

Stamps and sticker reactions

To make interactions more engaging and expressive, users can add stamps and stickers to the digital whiteboard. These add a fun element to feedback.

Infinite whiteboard canvas

The online whiteboard is limitless, allowing creative and strategic visions to evolve freely. As team members contribute ideas, the workspace seamlessly expands as plans and projects take shape.

Ability to sketch, write, or draw

Users can sketch, write, or draw directly on the whiteboard space, fostering an environment of creativity. This tool stimulates individual expression and enhances team brainstorming by allowing each member to contribute, clarify, and build upon ideas.

Document uploading

Elevate the whiteboard into a dynamic multimedia hub by effortlessly integrating a variety of documents. Upload diagrams, images, videos, and gifs to deepen understanding and add a visual punch to discussions and presentations. 

Shapes and lines for connecting ideas

Organize and illustrate thoughts effectively using shapes and lines. These allow team members to trace workflows, link related ideas, and organize information into an easily digestible and engaging format, encouraging intuitive and effective collaboration.

How do you make an online whiteboard?

Choose a platform with powerful features that best fit your needs. Sign up and dive straight into the various tools and functions available. Customize your workspace, invite team members, and start transforming the way you collaborate on and visualize projects.

With Confluence whiteboards, you gain a space where teams can freely create and interact on an infinite canvas. Designed specifically to infuse flexibility and fluidity into projects and team dynamics, Confluence whiteboards provide a versatile space that lets you discuss, refine, and transform ideas into actionable strategies.

Use Confluence whiteboards for improved collaboration

Confluence whiteboards bridge the gap between thought and action. This comprehensive platform empowers teams to brainstorm limitlessly, visually organize their ideas, and improve the decision-making process.

What sets Confluence whiteboards apart is their deep integration with Atlassian's suite of tools. Connect your team's brainstorming directly to your project management processes. 

Confluence whiteboards tackle the typical challenges faced by online whiteboards, like converting spontaneous ideas into structured plans, losing or abandoning valuable insights, and accessibility issues. Confluence whiteboards provide a platform where your team's collaboration thrives.

Try Confluence whiteboards today. Your team's single source of truth is just a click away.

Online whiteboards: Frequently asked questions

What are examples where using an online whiteboard is effective?

Online whiteboards shine in a variety of situations, from virtual meetings and remote teamwork to educational settings and brainstorming sessions. They provide a dynamic, visually rich, and interactive platform conducive to creativity and collaboration.

Can I share my online whiteboard?

Most digital whiteboards allow users to export or share their work for collaboration and future reference. However, this is currently not possible. You can share the whiteboard only via a copy link.

Do online whiteboards improve collaboration between business teams?

Online whiteboards significantly boost team synergy by offering a unified platform that's both visual and interactive. This allows team members to collaborate in real-time, strategize effectively, and generate ideas together.

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