Jira Service Management for HR teams

From onboarding to offboarding and all the employee issues that come up in between, deliver a better HR service experience from day one.

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Improve employee experiences and boost productivity

Streamline onboarding, offboarding, and complex HR workflows with easy-to-setup automation. Respond faster to employee requests with AI-powered support.

Bring HR and partner teams together

Unify the right teams and route requests to the right places automatically. Now, you don’t need to spend time chasing after Legal for offer letter approval or IT for employee laptop replacements.

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Keep sensitive data safe and sound

Rest assured all employee data HR works with is secure. With permissions schemes, you can configure and control who can view, find, and comment on requests.

Set up HR service management fast

Get your HR service management setup easily with out-of-the-box templates, workflows, and common request types that you can customize to fit your specific needs.

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Learn how business teams can use Jira Service Management

From finance to human resources to legal or marketing, any business team can use Jira Service Management to deliver exceptional service experiences.

Human resources

Drive a culture of service excellence. A well-designed HR request solution can make you more efficient—and more competitive. Automate repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and improve HIPAA compliance.

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Guide to HR service management

Learn how HR teams can get started with Jira Service Management and optimize it to meet their unique needs.

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HR service management template

Manage onboarding, offboarding, and respond to staff requests.


Turn your request experience for legal intake into an organized process. From tracking and routing approvals, to sharing and storing legal documents, Jira Service Management can help you reduce the risk of litigation and stay compliant.

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Flo customer story

Flo’s legal team turns to Jira Service Management for guidance on upcoming tasks for the employee experience.

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Legal service management template

Manage your legal contracts through the review cycle.


Stay compliant, track financial transactions, and manage performance. Centralize all critical financial and operational information making it easier to organize requests, plan financial tasks, and create governance across departments.

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ISS World customer story

ISS World’s finance team redesigned and restructured their process with Jira Service Management.

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Finance service management template

Manage budget, spending, and other finance requests.


Capture, track, and manage incoming requests in one place, from campaigns to maintenance. Quickly assign tasks to the right people and know who’s working on what. Review completed requests and measure your team’s performance.

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CBS customer story

Learn how CBS marketing adopted enterprise service management to streamline complex business processes.


Marketing service management template

Manage and track all your marketing requests.


Manage all aspects of your facility with a single platform, from work orders to safety compliance. Improve employee experience with real-time task tracking and notifications. Streamline your workflow with digitized work orders, maintenance requests and more.

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ISS World customer story

ISS World upgraded its legacy facility management software systems to modernize their processes.

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Facilities service management template

Manage requests for maintenance, moving, and event planning.

Customer Service

Deliver exceptional customer service by uniting support, development, and operations on the same platform. Make critical context visible for all teams and provide customers with fast and personalized support.

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Guide to customer service management

Learn how support teams use Jira Service Management for customer service.

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Customer service management template

Deliver great service to external customers, fast.

HR features in Jira Service Management

Chat and Email Support

Enable employees to submit requests through Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email to provide support where they work.

Virtual Agent

Configure the virtual agent to automate employee FAQ resolution, deflect incoming requests, and save agents' time.

Knowledge Base

Let employees self-serve for common requests, resources, and policies. Empower better response with ML-powered search that suggests the best answers. 


Automate tasks like onboarding. For instance, route requests to the right approver or auto-assign issues to teammates to work fast.

Dynamic Forms

Collect important context up front with forms that adapt based on employee inputs to reduce back-and-forth information gathering interactions.


Analyze reports that share the volume of incoming requests, how many employees successfully onboarded, your team’s workload, and more.

It’s easy to get your HR team started on Jira Service Management

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HR service management template

Deliver great employee experiences, fast. This template has everything HR teams need to get started with workflows for common HR processes like onboarding, defining request types, and more. It’s the easiest way to setup your first project.

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All your favorite apps in one place

Neatly integrate Jira Service Management with leading third-party tools. Connect to your favorites with 5,000+ apps in our marketplace, or build your own custom apps with Forge.

Over 50,000 customers count on Jira Service Management

Learn more about Jira Service Management for HR

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Guide to HR service management

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Human Resources Professionals Community Group

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How Atlassian HR empowers its distributed workforce

Streamline how you deliver HR service management

Build great employee experiences and company culture with Jira Service Management.