Legal service management template

Manage your legal contracts through the review cycle.

Request types
Questions for legal
Request a contract review
Emailed requests
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Legal service management queue view in Jira Service Management
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Collaborate with ease

Employees can quickly submit legal service requests and your team can easily manage and update them in a central location.


Intuitive workflows

Create and use workflows to track everything from contract reviews to legal questions. Track progress with clear workflow statuses and notifications.


Powerful automations

Save time and energy by automating tasks that don’t require human intervention like sending letters and issuing standard notices. 

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Featured product: Jira Service Management

Effortlessly create, track and manage contracts and legal requests through the review cycle to resolution. Learn more

“Digital transformation is a buzzword, but Jira Service Management is helping make it tangible for us. Before, people were looking at shared drives, spreadsheets, and emails. Now they see their process as a digital product, through a form, a queue, a dashboard, and a workflow.”

Jeff Pittman

Director of IT Operations, Sony Music Publishing

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How to get started with the legal service management template

1. Set up your help center and portal Copy link to heading Copied! view +

The help center allows employees to submit requests and access your self-service knowledge base.

2. Customize your request types Copy link to heading Copied! view +

Help employees and agents by using tailored request types, or even creating your own.

3. Get smart about SLAs Copy link to heading Copied! view +

Easily track Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance with pre-built reports that update in real-time.

4. Organize your queues Copy link to heading Copied! view +

Align your queue with the way your teams triage and address legal requests.

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