HR service management template

Simplify onboarding, offboarding, or any HR request.

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HR service management template

Simplify onboarding, offboarding, or any HR request.

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What is an HR service management template?

The HR service management template includes out-of-the-box request types and workflows for processes such as employee onboarding and offboarding, change requests, and general questions for HR.

What does the HR service management template include?

Capture relevant employee information

Use out of the box and custom request types to define and organize incoming requests so your team can capture relevant information and help employees more efficiently.

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Customizable help center

Employees can submit requests, and search your embedded knowledge base to help themselves. Streamline request intake and maintain work in one central location.

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Organized HR service delivery

Employee requests from the help center, email, chat, and other channels are organized into queues which let you quickly view, triage, and assign requests as they come in.

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Automate your HR service desk

With automation remove the need to perform manual, repetitive tasks, and can focus on the work that matters.

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Simple workflow

Streamlined HR workflows

Stay on top of and manage all HR service demands with pre-configured request types and workflows designed for HR teams.

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Built-in confidentiality

Securely track and protect sensitive information. Use permissions to define who can view, find, and comment on requests.

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Self-service portal

Help employees find answers to common questions using a service portal. Set up a knowledge base so that help-seekers can self-service with FAQs and how-to articles.

How to get started with the HR service management template

Streamline HR service demands quickly with the HR service management template.

1. Set up your help center and portal

The help center is where employees can submit requests and access your self-service knowledge base. Set up the welcome message, announcements, and layout. Learn more

2. Customize your request types

Help employees and agents by using tailored request types, or even creating your own. Learn more

3. Organize your queues

Align your queue with the way your teams triage and address HR requests. Learn more.

4. Add agents

It’s time to get the party started! Add agents to your service project team. Learn more

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