DevOps Feature Flagging Tutorials

DevOps practices help teams ship better software, faster. Using trunk-based development for continuous integration, and comprehensive testing throughout the DevOps lifecycle, teams can automate many of the steps needed to push high-quality software to production.

Feature flags compliment trunk-based development and directly encourage small-batch updates. Instead of creating a feature branch and waiting to build out the complete specification, developers can instead create a trunk commit that introduces the feature flag and pushes new trunk commits that build out the feature specification within the flag.

Learn more about using feature flags for DevOps.

Covered in this section

Better visibility into releases with Jira and LaunchDarkly

Streamline communication across teams and give everyone better visibility into the status of a feature rollout.

Manage and coordinate releases with Jira and Split

Connect issues and feature flags to keep teams up-to-date on project and rollout statuses in both Jira and Split.

Feature flagging video tutorials

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