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This guide is for readers who want to develop, deploy, and manage applications using Atlassian Open DevOps. It demonstrates how to use Atlassian Open DevOps tools to deploy and monitor ImageLabeller, a demo application that uses machine learning to apply labels to images using AWS components. There are three product paths through this guide, using Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab. The first section of this guide, Atlassian ImageLabeller, details prerequisites that are necessary for the Deploy ImageLabeller and Monitor ImageLabeller sections that follow. Readers should start with the Introduction to ImageLabeller, followed by Setup an AWS SageMaker Pre-Trained Model, and finally Jira integration with CI/CD before moving on to the second section of the guide Deploy ImageLabeller.

Atlassian ImageLabeller

An introduction to the demo application used in this guide

Jira integration with CI/CD

See how CI/CD tool information is surfaced in Jira Software

Setup the AWS SageMaker pre-trained model

Use the AWS console to setup a SageMaker model to classify images

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