How to integrate Sentry and Jira

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The Sentry Jira integration gives you the ability to easily create Jira issues directly from Sentry. The integration also gives you context from Sentry in Jira with Sentry’s Issue Glance.


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You already have a Sentry and Jira  Software project and want to learn how to automate issue creation and ensure the right people/teams learn about critical software issues at the right time. 


You are an existing Sentry customer. Get the Sentry for Jira integration here.

If you’re new to Sentry, get started here.

You have a Jira Software account and created a Jira project. Get started here.

Install the Sentry Jira integration

1. From anywhere in Sentry, Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Jira.

2. Click Jira Marketplace.

Jira integration details

3. Click Get it now. Select your site from the drop down and then click Install app.

Choose a site to install your app

4. Once the Sentry app is installed, click Get started from the Success notification. Then click Finish Installation in Sentry.

Get started in Sentry for Jira
Finish installation in Sentry

5. Select your Sentry organization from the drop down and click Install Jira.

Finish integration installation

6. And that’s it. The integration is installed.

Integration installed screen

Integration workflows

Create a Jira issue from a Sentry issue

1. On the Issue Details page click Link Jira Issue.

Issue details page

2. Fill out the fields you want populated on your Jira issue and click Create Issue.

Create issue from issue details page

3. Your issue has been created. You can view the associated Jira issue in the Linked Issues section.

Issue details now linked

Use Alert Rules to automatically create Jira issues

1. Navigate to the Alerts page and click Create Alert Rule.

Alerts page with Create Alert Rule button in the upper right hand corner

2. Select Issue Alert, fill in the alert conditions, and select Create a Jira Issue as the alert action.

Create Alert Rule page

3. To set the fields in Jira issues that will be created, click Issue Link Settings.

Alert settings window

4. Once you’re finished, new Jira issues will be created when the defined alert rule conditions are met.

See Sentry context inside Jira Issue Glance

1. When viewing an issue in Jira with an associated Sentry issue, click Linked Issues.

Jira issue screenshot

2. Now you can see how often the issue in question occurs over time.

Jira issue screenshot

And that’s Sentry for Jira. If you have any questions, please email:

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Phillip Jones
Phillip Jones

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