DevOps Frameworks

Like every movement or philosophy, DevOps frameworks guide practitioners to implement the practices effectively and efficiently. 

CALMS Framework

The CALMS Framework was originally shared by Jez Humble in “The DevOps Handbook”. The acronym stands for Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement, and Sharing.

Team Topologies

In their book, “Team Topologies”, Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais define four fundamental team types and the concept of “change of flow”. When applied to DevOps, we see the anti-pattern of merely slapping “DevOps” onto the team name or job title to create a “DevOps Team” or a “DevOps Engineer”. Instead, team topologies helps organizations understand how their practices and tools fit into the big picture.

Team structures

While software teams may be on the path to practicing DevOps, not every team shares the same goals, or uses the same practices and tools. Read more about how to structure your team to accelerate DevOps practices.

DORA Metrics

DevOps practitioners rely on four key metrics, developed by DORA, to measure the efficacy of their DevOps practices.

Lead time for changes: What is the lead-time for code changes from the point when code is checked in to the point it is released to production?

Deployment frequency: How often and how fast do you ship to production?

Time to restore service: When an incident is detected, how long does it take to remediate and restore the service?

Change failure rate: How often do deployment failures occur in production that require immediate remedy or rollback? 

Other Books about DevOps

The Phoenix Project

by Kevin Behr, Gene Kim, and George Spafford

Authored by some of the most influential names in DevOps, this book tells the familiar story of an IT team working across teams the business to deliver value.

The Unicorn Project

by Gene Kim

The sequel to “The Phoenix Project”, this book tells the story of getting work done from the perspective of a software developer.

The DevOps Handbook

by Gene Kim, Patrick Debois, John Willis, and Jez Humble

As a follow-on to the narrative-driven books, “The Phoenix Project” and “The Unicorn Project”, this book offer more practical advice to achieve world-class agility, reliability, and security in technology organizations.


by Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim

The authors present research findings with rigorous analysis on building and scaling high-performing technology organizations.

Effective DevOps

by Jennifer Davis and Ryn Daniels

Many organizations focus on bringing in more tools to drive their DevOps transformation, but “Effective DevOps” goes beyond tooling to address the cultural transformation needed to drive adoption.

Project to Product

by Mik Kersten

To survive and thrive in today’s climate, businesses must excel in large-scale software delivery. Dr. Mik Kersten introduces the Flow Framework to help businesses become product-centric innovators.

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