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Comprehensive observability is a key capability for high-performing DevOps teams. Because DevOps brings teams across development and operations together, observability must go beyond simple monitoring or detection.

From the system perspective, observability means deriving an understanding of the internal functions of a complex system by observing its external behaviors.

At the organization level, observability is developing natural lines of communication and collaboration between the customer and teams that creates new solutions.

Improve your DevOps practices with observability.

Covered in this section

Integrate Jira and Sentry

Learn about application monitoring with Jira and Sentry.

Integrate Jira and Dynatrace

Learn how to automatically generate new Jira Issues for problems that are auto-detected in your Dynatrace monitored environments.

Automatically create Jira Software issues with Dynatrace

Learn how to automatically create a Jira issue based on a problem detected by Dynatrace.

Integrate Jira and Datadog

Learn how to automatically create Jira issues from Datadog alerts and incidents.

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