Agile development is the competitive advantage

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services throws its weight behind agile development

Martin Suntinger By Martin Suntinger
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In a new report, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services dubbed agile software development “the competitive advantage for a digital age.” Not the most colorful proclamation of all-time, maybe, but this is the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. Wait a minute. This is the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. And they're saying agile software development has “become a trusted and preferred method of development for software teams everywhere”?

Yep. True story. (Full disclosure: Atlassian partnered with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to produce the report, and we're all about agile. But the truth remains!) What the report outlines is that a shift in development trends has happened. With so much competition out there, software development teams must meet customer needs faster. Before, that is, a competitor beats them to it. Moving to more agile forms of software planning and delivering helps teams do just that. But it's more than that. Agile helps organizations in multiple industries improve product quality, time to market, and employee satisfaction.

Agile is a competitive advantage | Atlassian agile coach

The thing to keep in mind, however, is that “doing agile right is not a cosmetic fix, but something that companies need to dedicate time and resources to in several key areas.” So, it takes some time. What's good in life that doesn't take a little time and dedication?

The Harvard Business Review Analytic Services has weighed in and pound-for-pound agile tops the list of development methods.

Read the full report to learn:
  • Why agile development helps companies stay competitive
  • How to implement an agile culture, even in well established business environments
  • How to expand agile awareness and practices outside of software development teams
  • What the numbers say about the advantages of moving to a more agile way of thinking, planning, and working

Bonus video:

Join three seasoned agile experts, who have successfully lead agile transformations and witnessed positive results firsthand, as they discuss this report.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • Why Trulia benefited from taking engineering agile principles and spreading them throughout their entire Enterprise
  • What agreements engineering made with Gilt leadership to improve their unique agile development process
  • How Pandora's agile approach to implementing agile allowed them to keep what worked and throw out what didn't, quickly

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