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Hear from consultants and coaches about how agile helps teams transform work.

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The Agile Manifesto ushered in a whole new way of working for software teams. Since its release, teams across the business have adopted agile ways of working, including tools, rituals, and artifacts to deliver more value, faster.

But agile is a mindset, a set of principles. Adopting agile means thinking differently, implementing an agile framework, and continually refining processes.

For example, which is better: scrum or kanban?

Should your team practice DevOps, agile, or both?

Should your team use story points or hours to estimate?

It turns out that answering these questions is more complicated than a simple either/or response. To help teams on their agile journey, we hosted conversations with industry experts about how to adopt agile.

Hear from real-world practitioners, consultants, and coaches about how agile helps teams transform work.

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Story points & the evolution of agile estimation

Check out this roundtable from leading industry experts Mike Cohn, John Cutler, Andrea Fryrear, Troy Magennis, and Dave West.