Confluence integrations and apps

Confluence is designed to empower teams to do their best work. That’s why you can choose from thousands of apps you already know and love in the Atlassian Marketplace, and you can even build your own integrations.

Follow along

  1. Open Confluence and click Apps at the top to open the menu.
  2. Tap Find new apps to go to the Atlassian Marketplace.

Team collaboration integrations and apps

Use top collaboration tools with Confluence, so your team can work better together—without all the unnecessary toggling.

Microsoft teams icon.

Microsoft Teams - Skip the tab surfing by searching, creating, and sharing Confluence pages without ever leaving Teams.

Slack icon.

Slack - This integration lets you respond to Confluence comments without ever leaving Slack. 

Charts and diagrams integrations and apps

Showing is so much more powerful than telling with these visualization apps.

Microsoft teams icon.

Custom Charts - Display supporting data or make your business case with custom bar, funnel, and pie charts. No coding required!

Microsoft teams icon.

Table Filter and Charts - Filter complex Confluence tables, aggregate data in pivot tables, and transform tables into innovative Confluence charts that make info easy to inspect.

Document management and integrations and apps

Keep all your docs all in one place with apps for easy collaboration in Confluence.

Google Drive icon.

Google Drive - Drop a Google Drive link onto your Confluence page and use smart links embed view to edit the page directly within Confluence.

Microsoft teams icon.

Microsoft Office 365 - Create a single source of truth by uploading and syncing Excel, Powerpoint, and Word files to pages from Sharepoint and OneDrive.

Comala icon.

Comala Document Control - Assign reviewers or approvers for your documents, create customized workflows, and keep compliance in check with e-signature approvals.

Command Line Interface icon.

Command Line Interface - Automate tasks with simple commands to save time, create scalable processes, and enable actions between Confluence and other tools.

Themes and styling integrations and apps

Looks matter when you’re trying to get your point across, so beautify your Confluence page with these integrations.

Optics icon.

Optics - Get all the visual presentation abilities you crave to make your pages stand out and get your point across — from tabs to image sliders to buttons.

Render Markdown icon.

Render Markdown - This free app allows you to use markdown in your Confluence pages and show syntax highlighting for code blocks.

Content Formatting icon.

Content Formatting Macros - Add tabs and tool tips, nest elements inside tables, and add other formatting flourishes to structure and display content for improved usability.

Pulse icon.

Pulse - Add elements that structure your page like a blog, org chart, news site, or storefront — and even add a customized navigation menu.

Aura icon.

Aura - Add buttons, carousels, countdowns, and more to your page, so attention stays focused on the right places.

Composition Tabs icon.

Composition Tabs - Organize and structure your most complex pages with tabs, highlights, instant focus, menus, and expandable sections.

SubSpace Navigation icon.

SubSpace Navigation - Quickly arrange Confluence content into a single centralized navigation menu, and deliver content based on user attributes.

Refined Toolkit icon.

Refined Toolkit - Create a knowledge base, wiki, or intranet that reflects your company’s unique look and feel.

Pro Tip

Get fancy with tables and add a database to your page (coming soon!).

Prototyping and voting integrations and apps

Use these integrations to facilitate idea sharing and gather feedback, then present it.

Balsamiq Wireframes icon.

Balsamiq Wireframes - Rapid wireframing and prototyping capabilities help stakeholders easily grasp what you’re planning and provide feedback.

ConfiForms icon.

ConfiForms - Whip up forms in Confluence with 30+ custom field types and tons of design options to solicit feedback, take surveys, gather votes, and more. 

Handy macros icon.

Handy macros - Add calls to action, page polls, custom status elements, and other useful collaboration gadgets to your pages.

Polls icon.

Polls - Whether you’re scheduling a team event or capturing customer feedback, this one makes it easy to create polls in Confluence.

Pro Tip

Easily manage your apps in Confluence to track what you have, add or remove integrations, and change settings.

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